Annual Kids Money Program

1,250.00 /= / year

The conspiracy between economic depression triggered by covid-19 leading to job losses and the frightening pace of automation of routine tasks will usher in a devastating phase of unemployment that will shock the un prepared. Don’t get caught up!

  1. Classes run on Saturdays: 12 Noon EAT
  2. Sessions take 45 Minutes.
  3. Parents/ Guardians Attend Free.

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Spread the love and share this

To subscribe a Child/Children

  1. Enter parent’s details and click the submit parent info button to submit the parent info.
  2. Click the add child button, a pop up will show, to add a child fill in the details of the child the click add child button ( You can add as many children as you wish ).
  3. Once you are done adding the children for the specific parent, the subscription price for all the children will be automatically applied and displayed below the form.
  4. Click subscribe button, it will redirect you to the payment page, where you can enter the payment details and make the payment.
  5. Once the payment is successful you will be redirected to the account page where you can view your subscriptions under payment tab, you will also receive a confirmation email containing link to training session.