1. At CapaBuil Limited we believe that team synergy, teamwork, good leadership, team productivity among others are an integral part of any successful organization or business. Therefore, we bring passion to excellence, wealth of knowledge and experience to each team of an organization.

2. Our consultants are seasoned and professional with extensive                                  experience  in a wide range of fields to ensure expertise and quality                       services.

3. We provide tailored teambuilding services to meet specific needs and                   objectives. Our customer focused mind set and willingness to adopt to                 each clients’ unique needs ensure that their are met

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The team building experiences are explored through an experiential and highly interactive approach that


  • Group discussions
  • Trivia
  • Games
  • Skits and reflections


Key lessons learnt from each of the above are the importance of;

  • Trust
  • Effective communication
  • Group synergy
  • Building a strong and cohesive team
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Creative problem-solving skills



We emphasis on the essence of understanding individual roles in the whole department’s goals and the need to better yesterday’s best.

Teams that are thriving are the ones who have engaged resilient people with a dynamic culture to meet organizational needs.

Our pragmatic interventions provide teams with a great platform to step back and master new approaches that unleash their full potential. We’re here to give team members the skills, behavior’s and ways of thinking that are critical to achieve sustainable success