Pre – Retirement

Most people will not be ready for retirement because you cannot fund a 30 to 40 year retirement with a 35 year career in a disrupted economy.

You will inevitably need a network of support before and after retirement to better manage the turbulence that will accompany the shock of feeling lonely after your employer bids you goodbye.

Register below to explore and receive mentorship, skilling in essential areas like money management, entrepreneurship, healthy living, among others and retire gracefully with fun and a sociable network.



The economic recession triggered by the Covid 19 pandemic and worsened by the shift to automation by most industries and economic sectors has had a massive negative impact through job loses.

Most people face the prospect of starving to death rather than dying of natural causes during retirement- Because we are un prepared. Advances in medicine and technology have increased life spans and this comes with an economic responsibility to cater for populations that are likely to live for much longer.

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