Elevate - Integration of Modern Practice with Traditional Theory

Leadership & Effective Governance represents the core pivotal ingredients for fulfilling stakeholder value expectations. Bad leadership leads to poor Governance. How have you positioned yourself to reap the full benefits of effective Leadership and Governance?  Join the LGC today:

We have carefully designed the Competency development themes at the LGC. 

Multiply Your Impact by growing your ability to:

LGC: Enhance Governance for Catalyzation of Stakeholder Value Growth, through: 

1. Driving Governance and Board Effectiveness Beyond The 21st Century
2. Optimization of Board evaluation and Performance Enhancement In Practice
3. Enhancing Audit Committees Impact on institutional and societal Governance
4. Investing in Stakeholder Development, Engagement & Value Creation

LGC: Realize Effective Leadership & Influencing of Results Beyond Self by enabling you to sustainably: 

1. Influence sustainable results through Effective Leadership
2. Restore Practical Leadership - Integrating Modern Practice with Verified Theory
3. Tap  to the Leadership Pulse - Corporate Leadership Skills Inventory - Establishing Leadership levels
4. Out-pace change with Succession Strategy - Testing your Leadership Readiness.

LGC: Gain Commitment To Public Finance Excellence & Deliver Positive Returns for Citizen Value Growth: 

1. Keep Pace with the Public Finance legal & Regulatory framework & PEFA Evaluations
2. Maintain Close tabs on PFM Act & Regulations - Compliance & Societal Impact on Effective Governance.
3. Invest Beyond Finance thereby Improving Human Life through PFM Reforms.
4. Integrate Value Thinking & Reporting on Finance Governance for Maximum Impact

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